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2007: More Web Design Trends & Cliches

Cartoons, textures, swirls, earty tones and richer colours

It's been well over a year since I compiled the original list of web clichés, so I figured it was time to revisit some of the trends currently prevalent in web design now. [read more...]


Forget design 'inspiration' - just stick to the basics

A lot of design tutorials tend to focus on the aspect of 'inspiration' - without much emphasis on the design process itself. For all the showy gradients and web 2.0 gloss, truly good design comes from an altogether different approach. [read more...]


A Strange Sense of Familiarity

The topic of enterprise-level collaborative software came up at work today (as such things are wont to do on a Friday afternoon), and 37signal's Campfire was brought up. As with most of 37signals stuff, it's well thought out and beautifully presented, but upon my first glance at the campfire homepage, I was struck with a pang of familiarity... [read more...]


HowTo: Make Pretty Pie Charts

Using Adobe Illustrator CS2

If you remember the post about the Demographics of Digg I wrote back in early December, one of the general themes of the associated Digg comments was the overwhelming niceness of the pie charts. Being the generous sort that I am, I thought I'd do a comprehensive tutorial of how to achieve the same effect - I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS2, but the tips should apply to most of the more recent versions. [read more...]


There's no such thing as 'Web design'

Unspoken secrets of web design: Part 1

So you’re a web designer, right? So what exactly does that entail? Do you cover the whole web gamut? [read more...]


New year, new look, 2007 predictions

Yet more design tweakery & speculation

So, it happened again. I got bored with how Modern Life looked, so I thought a fresh new face was in order. I’ve ditched the two column layout in favour of a far simpler single column, and I’ve ditched all the gradients and Web 2.0 chrome in favour of a super-simple, delicious dichromatic design. [read more...]


Web Typography Cheat Sheet

Fine print, not so fine web

Let’s be honest. Typography and the web do not go hand-in-hand. You’re limited to a choice of about 5 fonts, most of which are cheap knockoffs of ‘proper’ typefaces. You’ve got practically no fine control over kerning or line spacing, and – worst of all – there’s a very good chance that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try – your type is going to look different on every single browser and operating system. So what is an avid graphic designer-cum-web designer to do when faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of making web type look good? [read more...]


Great Fonts for Web 2.0

A selection of typefaces for the modern web era

Fonts are an essential part of design - but there are thousands of fonts out there, so knowing which ones to use can be quite daunting. Here's a roundup of some fonts that have found popularity recently. [read more...]


Web Technology Family Tree

From AJAX to XHTML, and pretty much everything inbetween.

Web design and development is a complex field – there are literally thousands of different disciplines, from all manner of programming languages, web standards, and software packages. With the break-neck pace of development, it’s hard to keep up – blink and all of a sudden there’s a new hip web development trend. But how does everything fit together? Here’s a family tree of common web technologies – almost a ‘tech-tree’, if you will, showing near neighbours and relationships across a subset of core web technologies. [read more...]


Web 2.0 Colour Palette

..because Web2.0 is the new black

Web 2.0 is about finding new ways to interact on the internet and collaboration, at least to a certain extent. Those of us in the know realise what Web2.0 is really all about – putting things on super shiney tables and painting them with gradients and candy colours and shiny silver and stuff. Here's a list of Web2.0-friendly colours. [read more...]