Winter/Spring Colour Palette 2006-2007 6 April, 2007 — Stuart Brown

Seasonal colours from the Modern Life selection

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Persistent readers of Modern Life will be aware that the colours you see on site are not static: They revolve around with the seasons, with a new scheme on the first of every month. Each set of colours is hand-picked, adjusted, and designed to fit in with the month and season in question.

As ever, the Web 2.0 Colour Palette is the most trafficked article from search engines, so I figured there may be a few people interested in both the schemes and the thinking behind them. Here's a rundown of the first quarter of 2007:


The start of the year saw a new design, and the introduction of the seasonal colours. I elected for a strong blue for the main colour, with an icy paler hue for the secondary detailing.


Similarly cold to January, the shortest month of the year was decorated with contradictory near-neutrals - a dark navy for the header and a slightly yellow-tinged grey as a secondary colour.


A slightly drab but marginally more colourful mixture of grey-green and grey-blue for March, hinting at the first beginnings of springtime. The two colours are nicely balanced, but I was glad to see a touch more saturation in April's colour set.