The BBC iPlayer is officially Web 2.0 compliant 2 August, 2007 — 15 commentsStuart Brown

...and only a year or two behind the trend - good show!

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Those of you fearing that the BBC is out of touch as far as the web is concerned need worry no more - the recently-opened-private-beta of the BBC iPlayer is at the cutting edge of interactive design. I mean, just look at the Beta application page:

There never was a more timely design - it checks all the right Web 2.0 boxes:

Gradients - check. Not as many as there could be, but the grey shadow at the top definitely counts.

Official Web 2.0 colours - check. It's not an exact match, but that pink isn't a million miles away from 'Flickr Pink'.

Beta status - check. Like all good Web 2.0 applications, you can't just go ahead and launch. A good long stint in Beta should put everyone's minds at ease.

Web 2.0 name - check. Not quite as good as 'iPlayr', but at least the lower case 'i' makes it sound trendy and cool.

Screenshots floating in mid-air - check. I would have preferred the wet floor effect, but the floating screen with drop shadow is a nice touch nonetheless.

Oodles of hype - check. I'm reserving judgement on the iPlayer until I've seen it, but it's certainly had it's fair share of hype - and criticism - already.

Result: Full Web 2.0 compliance.

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