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Six sites to make your feedreader happy

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Summer has always been somewhat of a quiet time on the blogging front, with folk jetting off on holiday and enjoying the sunshine - anything other than being cooped up indoors writing.

But whilst we're soaking up the sun and are being generally non-productive, the feed reader addiction doesn't go away so easily. Thankfully, there are a number of great blogs, web comics and sites out there to read - and here are some of them I've been enjoying over the summer lull.

Diesel Sweeties

diesel sweeties

Robots, girls and a dash of nerdy in-jokes. Described as a 'pixelated robot romance web comic', Diesel Sweeties pretty much delivers everything you'd expect on that promise.

Although it verges on the precipice between weird and cool, once you grok the general theme - and remove any inhibitions you may have over technosexuality - you'll love it. It's almost certainly my favourite web comic.

Diesel Sweeties / RSS Feed

Passive Aggressive Notes

passive-aggressive notes

A whole site dedicated to little notes left out of sheer frustration? You bet - in full, unadulterated glory.

Although not technically passive-aggressive, the notes in question are usually rather amusing - although the bile evident in some of the notes may indicate the subject in question might not share the joke. It's an all-too familiar brand of humour, and well worth a slot in your feed reader.

Passive-Aggressive Notes / RSS Feed



Possibly the best (if not the only) blog about typography in existence. Shame it's not updated nearly as often as it should be - but Typographica is still a favourite.

Typographica / RSS Feed

What The Duck

what the duck

WTD appeals to the photographer in me - it's a webcomic about the travails of a ill-fated but well-intentioned duck, with aspirations of making it big as a photographer.

Updated every weekday, it's a somewhat humorous insight into the world of photography, photographers - and something familiar to all freelancers - the bad client. Well worth a subscription if you either a) are interested in photography, or b) like webcomics with ducks.

What The Duck / RSS Feed

Music Thing

music thing

I have a weakness for all things electrical, covering the gamut from analogue to digital - and music-related electronic gear is certainly no exception. From analogue synthesisers to vocoders, Music Thing runs the gamut of cool musical gear.

Music Thing / RSS Feed

Worse Than Failure

worse than failure

Formerly 'The Daily WTF', 'Worse Than Failure' is a unashamedly geeky look into the world of programming - from dodgy code to unhelpful error messages, to the worst interview candidates ever.

Some of the code snippets might be a little obscure (particularly if you're not a programmer, or if it's in a language you're not familiar with) - but the comments are generally rather insightful as to discovering what the true 'WTF' is. Recommended, and worth subscribing to for the regular 'Error'd' posts that never fail to lighten a droll Friday afternoon.

Worse Than Failure / RSS Feed

So there you have it - six of my favourite RSS feeds from the last few months. Now, over to you - what feeds have kept you entertained recently?

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