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Pete wrote:

I think you just went of the geek scale :)

I'll join you there though as I found this to be extremely interesting reading.
It is particulary interesting to consider that the region with the lowest average resolution is still a touch over 1024x768.
What was the size of your data pool for working out these stats?

Stuart wrote:

@Pete - you missed the methodology? :) It's data from my own stats (so expect a strong bias towards tech and design - and an elevation in average resolution), running from May 2006 to November 2007 (i.e. now) - 18 months of data, covering about 1.1 million visits.

Pete wrote:

Ah yes. I realised that you already said that after I posted my comment :)
In my defence I was skim reading while meant to be working on a dull form.

Jaffer wrote:

Hi Stuart !
Love your blog ! Been a long time reader too !

Couldn't happen to notice why you've slowed down drastically in the past few months !

Best Regards !

Stuart wrote:

@Jaffer - Been busy and short on ideas for content, so I took a couple of months sabbatical to refresh and to come up with new ideas for posts :)

Vyoma wrote:

Ah - finally you are back from your 'sabbatical'.

This was an interesting study and definitely helps in deciding the screen resolution to aim for when designing webpages. :)

Adam Darowski wrote:

Oh, man... I missed these gorgeous charts. Welcome back, Stuart. :)

Md Mudassir Alam wrote:

A Well researched piece, i liked it and also get valuable information about sreen resolutions worldwide. Well done, good job man

Jakob S wrote:

Interesting and well analyzed findings, thumbs up. Their usefulness in deciding anything in regards to web design, however, is debatable.

The screen resolution might give a nice upper boundary for how big a browser can grow, but the reality is that the browser window can be - and often is - smaller than all available screen real estate. And the content viewport area, which is really what we should be designing for, is even smaller than the browser window.

See and for more information and references.

Stuart wrote:

@Jakob - I'd agree screen resolution isn't a great measure for design - my native screen res is 2560x1600, and I wouldn't dream of running a maximised window. At the lower end - 800x600, 1024x768 etc, it's probably more of a consideration.

Whilst there's no concrete link between actual browser size and screen size, it's likely there'll be some correlation. I just wish we could all produce 100% fluid, 100% scalable designs :-)

Jakob S wrote:

I just wish I could design those :P

Stuart wrote:

Damn technology. I'm blaming IE and the lack of decent SVG support.

Adam Griffiths wrote:

IE is definitely a pile of 'what you should be sticking in the bin' :-P

Its nice to see an insight of screen resolutions for other visitors of ML. I'm running 1680x1050px and always have all windows I can concentrate on the website instead of being distracted by my pretty desktop picture.

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