New ModernLife Page Design 9 July, 2006 — Stuart Brown

Now in neutral.

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I've 'reinterpreted' the old blue/white space invaders look - and by 'reinterpreted' I mean I threw it out the window and started again. This is still a young site, so thankfully it's in quite a malleable state, but it's already proven quite popular (read: controversial). The original design was cobbled together in a couple of hours without much forethought - with the possible exception of 'Space Invaders are cool and retro'.

The new design (perhaps even more so than the last) does run afoul of the web clichés that I covered in my last post, but what I perhaps neglected to state was that it is OK to have white backgrounds, gradients etc- it's only perhaps with overuse (if ever) that such elements can be detrimental. I shall have to post a disclaimer with future articles!

Feedback and constructive criticism is, of course, welcome - although I've got a few things in my 'to-do' list that will round off a few rough edges. Drop me an email at

To-do list: