JavaScript LED Message Scrolling Display 2 December, 2007 — 4 commentsStuart Brown

Any resemblance to a <marquee> is purely coincidental

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I guess this answers the question of what to do with the LED icons I posted yesterday - I've always wanted to do a dot-matrix dynamic display in JavaScript, and I suppose an LED message scroller is the perfect excuse.

There's a choice of 7 individual colours (or the nifty rainbow option, pictured below), motion blur, and a few tweakable options to play around with. It doesn't work in Internet Explorer (it's only designed as a proof-of-concept, not as production code), but anything that supports CSS opacity (Firefox, Safari and Opera on Windows) should work just fine - Safari's rendering engine seems particularly nippy.

See the scroller in action, or download the files here.

Extract the .ZIP archive somewhere and open the scroller.html file in your browser - everything should work fine there. You can edit the HTML file to tweak the various settings - if performance is an issue try setting blurLevel to 0.

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