Colour Lovers - Colour Trends and Palettes 6 March, 2007 — Stuart Brown

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colour palette

For some inexplicable reason, the Web 2.0 Colour Palette post I wrote back in August 2006 has been perennially popular - over 150,000 pageviews since the posting, and phrases like 'web 2.0 colors' have been consistently top in my search engine keyword referrals. That suggests two things to me - first, the five minutes I spent back in August putting that post together was definitely worth it, and secondly - there are a lot of people interested in colour palettes.

Baffling, really - I've never really been afraid of getting my hands dirty with a colour palette, whether it's mocking up a design or back in my art-school days of applying paint onto canvas. Experimenting with colour can be fun, but it can also be challenging for some - and that is precisely where the service at comes into usefulness.

colour lovers

It's everything you'd expect from a Web 2.0 'social' type website - you can vote on your favourite colours, submit your own, and generally participate in the noble art of palette arrangement. It's really quite in depth. If you truly are a colour lover, then no doubt you'll be in your element. The navigation is a little iffy, and the site does have a tendency to be slow, but if you're really stuck for inspiration for a scheme you could do a lot worse than ColourLovers - it's certainly more diverse (if not as zeitgeisty) than my Web 2.0 colour scheme.