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101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques (Corrie Haffly, Sitepoint)

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the photoshop anthology

Photoshop is a deceptive beast. You can use it day in, day out, to the point where you consider yourself an expert - only to discover some basic functionality or keyboard shortcut that you really could have used some months ago. Perhaps it's just me - but, for instance, having recently discovered that pressing the Tab key hides the menus, I wonder if there are any more nifty tricks that I'm missing out on.

'The Photoshop Anthology', then, is a perfect refresher for those Photoshop techniques - the 280 full-colour pages contain a cornucopia of illustrated tutorials, with tips and keyboard shortcuts highlighted along the way.

The tutorials start from the elementary and progress onto the more advanced - the focus is squarely on web design, so topics covered include fancy buttons, product images, and designing entire web templates in PS and preparing them for the web using the slice tools. The more general aspects - such as image manipulation, working with text and other advanced PS features - also get a good degree of coverage.

The organisation of the book is useful - rather than a sequential string of tutorials, they're arranged so that you can jump in at any point, either tackling the steps by the chapter or by just a couple of pages. It's structured well - and the judicious use of images mean you're not often lost when it comes to selecting the right option in dialogs.

The full-colour pages are a boon, too - although some of the more subtle adjustments made in tutorial examples are lost in the conversion to print, but a minor point overall. As a learning resource, the book is a great starting point for those wanting to work with graphics for the web - and is useful as a reference to more experienced Photoshop users alike.

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