Alexa Rolls Out New Stats 16 February, 2007 — Stuart Brown

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If you're a compulsive statistics sort like I am, and are familiar with the statistics available at, then you may want to take a look at this. Looks like they've rolled out a few new features in the last couple of hours, and there's some interesting new metrics.

Firstly, reach has changed from a user-per-million figure to a simple percentage figures - a little easier to comprehend, perhaps. Although it's still depressing to see that a mere 0.01% of internet users have visited Modern Life in the last 3 months - as opposed to 3.95% for and 27.2% for Yahoo.

Traffic rank and page views are unchanged, but there's a nifty breakdown of your ranking by country, and a listing of the top visitors by country. Nice to see that traffic is healthy from the UK! Clicking 'more' also reveals far more country results - with some interesting figures.

No doubt the Alexa rankings are still severely skewed - but at least we can get a better grasp of how a site fares across different countries. Take a peek at the new stats - here's Modern Life's.