A Strange Sense of Familiarity 23 February, 2007 — Stuart Brown

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The topic of enterprise-level collaborative software came up at work today (as such things are wont to do on a Friday afternoon), and 37signal's Campfire was brought up. As with most of 37signals stuff, it's well thought out and beautifully presented, but upon my first glance at the campfire homepage, I was struck with a pang of familiarity...

Usual 37signals fare, no? But wait! What's that 3rd screenshot there, near the bottom?

That pie chart is totally familiar. I'm not yet sure if this is sheer coincidence, a small homage, or a flagrant rip. Regardless, I suppose it's a compliment to see my diagramming technique being portrayed on the front page of a 37signals product. Just a little surprising!

Here's my final image from the pie chart tutorial, for comparison: